Whalecore Manifesto

by godinpants

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Whalecore n.
The most brutal kind of music to have ever been invented. Amigacore wets itself at the slightest sign of Whalecore.

Manifesto n., pl., -toes, or -tos.
A public declaration of principles, policies, or intentions, especially of a political nature.

As self proclaimed innovator of WHALECORE, godinpants (all capitals or none) sets out to define WHALECORE at its roots.
Due to the intense nature of the music, godinpants has limited this release to 3 tracks. Any further exposure would lead to serious health conditions and even death. Expectant mothers and children are encouraged to take part in the WHALECORE movement, such recklessness is at the heart of WHALECORE.

WHALECORE MANIFESTO was recorded live in one take through 2 dmgs running LSDJ in live mode, with compression applied in reaper.


released June 12, 2010




godinpants Sydney, Australia

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